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Accelerate Digital Transformation through strategic project portfolio management


Especially industries that feel the digital change strongly have to reorient themselves and adapt their strategies to a contemporary culture. This also includes consciously selecting projects that support the process of digital change.

For this purpose, the Thieme Group has introduced a strategic project portfolio management for all active and future projects. The decisive factor for this step was the fact that work in the company - also due to the advancing digitalization - is increasingly taking place in project structures and the entire project strategic orientation as well as the decision-making processes of the management should be made more transparent. From now on, what had been happening mainly in the minds of decision-makers was to be made visible in the form of a schematic, data-based methodology.



Project objective:

Creation of transparent and comprehensible decision-making processes for the selection & control of all active and future projects of the publishing group


Special challenges:


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These tools & methods made the difference:


Contact person:
Hauke Thun

Managing Director


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