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Project Management

Lenze Service


Ensuring a profitable market supply of replacement devices for discontinued products

With the promise "We support and extend life cycles", Lenze, a company with a long tradition, offers its customers comprehensive service and supply security for machine automation. For Lenze, the promise also includes clarification of how the service expectations of existing customers of a product range can be met if it has to be discontinued for economic reasons, e.g. due to a renewal of the EU ROHS Regulation. Although the maintenance of a production facility for the after-sales market alone is uncharted territory for Lenze Service GmbH, the company assumes responsibility for its implementation. For this, Lenze Service GmbH must keep an eye on a variety of issues: Equipment availability, component availability, necessary certifications and not to forget the continuity of production. Aspects that are usually handled by the business units Development, Production and Purchasing, and which presented the team with completely new challenges.


Project objective:

Ensuring a profitable market supply of replacement devices adapted to the after-sales market for a discontinued product group


Special challenges:


Services of House of PM:


These tools & methods made the difference:


"By taking over responsibility for the complete provision of replacement equipment, we have broken new ground. This also led to completely new approaches in our project management. The project managers from the House of PM methodically supplemented our approach, which had previously been strongly oriented towards Lean/Six Sigma, and integrated it pragmatically into existing processes. Thus, despite limited resources, we were able to complete the project in time for the new ROHS regulation to come into effect and ensure availability for replacement needs."

Harald M. Müller - Managing Director Lenze Service


Contact person:
Stefan Resch

Project Manager


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