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Production expansion by two filling lines at the beverage manufacturer Hansa-Heemann


With the purchase of a further site in December 2016, beverage manufacturer Hansa-Heemann set the ball rolling for a major project: the expansion of production in Bruchsal by two filling lines in a second plant 1000 metres away. The scope and consequences of the planned expansion were initially difficult to grasp. It was clear that the goals were ambitious and that the time and personnel available were limited. It also quickly became clear that the company's existing project management had to be expanded and sharpened so that such a demanding and time-consuming project could be brought to a successful conclusion.



"All those involved can be proud of what has been achieved: A factory was built up at breakneck speed, the plant construction has worked out well despite the high demands, and a new plant has been put into operation. North and South have grown together in this process, have shown team spirit, solidarity and perseverance!"

M. Weller, Project Manager Hansa-Heemann


Project objective:

Expansion of the filling capacity by two filling lines in a second plant



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