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Is the performance of the project satisfactory? A check makes optimisation factors visible

"To tackle today what will be crucial for project success tomorrow, you first have to know where action is needed."

Stefan Hennig, House of PM Project Manager


Hamburg, 17 December 2020 - Costs are rising, the scope and milestone dates are shifting, meetings are getting out of hand, there are conflicts in the team. These are usually unmistakable signs of weaknesses in a project. And it is often already clear to those involved in the project that things are not running smoothly. But what exactly the reasons for the problems are is not always easy to analyse. After all, projects these days are anything but easily manageable. Tasks, requirements and dependencies are becoming more and more complex, while the time pressure is increasing. So what can be done when things get stuck and the causes are not clear? The "Project Performance Check" puts projects to the test. With structured project diagnostics, experts identify significant weaknesses and derive measures from them that get the project back on track and secure the project's success as well as the investment.

Especially in turbulent economic conditions, it is of existential importance for companies that ongoing projects do not get into difficulties. If this situation nevertheless occurs, quick and foresighted intervention is required to save the project.

"In order to tackle today what will be decisive for the project's success tomorrow, you first have to know where action is needed," explains Stefan Hennig, project manager at House of PM GmbH. "And even if the project manager and the team already have an idea of what needs to be done, an independent assessment provides a good basis for argumentation vis-à-vis the management or the steering committee when it comes to releasing the additional budget for implementing the corresponding package of measures."

An external experienced view of the project situation therefore provides valuable insights into the challenges the project team is struggling with. Concrete answers to the questions "How well is the project set up today?", "Which areas are well positioned and what is possibly standing in the way of project success or where does the set-up need to be adjusted?" enable the management or steering committee to intervene precisely as needed or to set changed priorities.

However, a project performance check is not only useful in the event of a crisis. Ideally, the planned project should already be checked in the start-up phase in order to set it up in the best possible way and to make full use of its potential.


The way to the goal

The Project Performance Check offered by the experts of House of PM is carried out neutrally according to valid project management standards on the basis of a question catalogue tailored to individual needs. This includes questions from process-specific project management and from the area of "PM maturity models". With their broad practical experience, the project management experts ensure that all significant project management areas are analysed and possible measures for an optimised procedure oriented towards international standards are identified within the framework of comprehensive interviews with selected representatives of the project. In this way, adjustments for the set-up can be derived from the combination of sound expert knowledge in the assessment of project weaknesses and the problem-solving competence of the own employees. In this way, the project manager and the team not only receive valid knowledge about the project situation and corresponding solution approaches; the involvement of the discussion partners from the project also creates the basis for the necessary acceptance of the measures to be taken.

The final report produced by House of PM is also suitable for communication with management in the next step. In addition, the check enables a transparent handover to the new team in the event of a change in project management.



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