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Project management company successfully certified: House of PM GmbH announces compliance with latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard

The successful Hamburg-based project management company has put its established quality management system to the test. With this certification House of PM proves its maturity and connectivity to the market.

Hamburg, 19th September 2019 – By awarding the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, EQM ZERT confirmed to House of PM compliance with the international requirements for practiced quality management. The independent certifier thus provides the company with evidence of a degree of maturity appropriate to the complexity of their services. "This means that our corporate management processes are comprehensible, transparent and efficient," explains Managing Director Hauke Thun. "With this we are now officially proving that although we are a small company we operate at a high level and that we are not a ‘bunch of clowns’. Our customers can be confident that we, as a supplier, pay attention to continuous improvement and error prevention in all major business areas."


Although the company with eleven permanent employees is relatively small, it had already designed its operation to be strongly process-oriented years ago and carried out further process optimization in regular workshops for continuous improvement (CIP). All essential management processes have been systematically documented in the company wiki for years and are regularly revised on the basis of the improvement impulses from the CIP that is lived. With its "Quality Sparring Partner Concept", House of PM has also established a quality management system for its customer projects which, in addition to regular reviews of the project management quality with the project managers, also provides for a continuous conduct of customer satisfaction surveys. To prepare the initial audit, the employees therefore only had to check the already documented processes for completeness and compliance with the standard and ensure that all employees are familiar with the latest version. "The fact that we were well positioned right from the start is particularly evident from the fact that the auditor only had minor comments that we were able to correct at short notice," says Frédéric Woschniak, Quality Management Representative.


Especially in the increasingly complex world of work, the project management company considers appropriate quality management to be of the utmost importance. Although maintaining many rigid standards and documented processes might contradict agile working methods, both worlds can be combined. In particular, the revised version of ISO 9001 from the year 2015 provides more flexibility here. For example, the standard gives the company the freedom to determine the scope of the documentation itself, depending on its complexity, and explicitly allows the use of IT systems for documentation. It is therefore not a question of generating vast amounts of paper-based documentation. The decisive factor is to document the core processes and, above all, to live them demonstrably.


With putting into practice a quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard, the company wants to ensure the proximity to its customers from strongly regulated areas - i.e. strongly process-oriented organizations such as serial producers and industrial service providers. "By imposing ourselves to act in accordance with ISO 9001 and proving this through regular audits, we have a good understanding of our customers' quality management systems and the associated effects on project work," emphasizes Hauke Thun. By taking this step towards certification, the company has also decided to continue its quality promise. From now on, it will undergo a quality audit at regular intervals.



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