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On this page we give you a small insight into our collected knowledge about project management. Here you will find exciting webinars, helpful expert tips and (hopefully soon) much more that will help you to keep track of your daily project work.






Barefoot or patent shoes? How design influences the path to project success

Useful information and practical tips on the subject of project design - for all those who are about to start a new project.

Heading for the summit in flip-flops? On the beach with hiking boots for surfing? You can do that. But it can also be arduous or even lead to a few bruises on the way to the desired destination. From our point of view, it's a similar situation with projects when it comes to deciding on the right design.

In our webinar, our project management experts Stefan Resch and Dr. Ralph Kogelheide take a look at what is meant by project design, what is important and how important the project design is for the further course of the project. In addition, they go into different variants for designing a project and present the most important steps and decision criteria for starting a project. Of course, everything is peppered with illustrative examples from our practice.

(Note: The webinar is held in German.)


The mother of all plans or the holy grail - Why work package planning pays off

Whether it's the work breakdown structure, often referred to as the mother of all plans in classic project management, or the storymap, also known as the holy grail in the agile approach - in project management, the structured collection of the work to be done and processes within a project is seen as the basis for the successful completion of a project.

In our online session, we will show how a project team can quickly arrive at a structured representation of the essential project tasks with relatively little effort. We will also take a closer look at the reasons why work package planning is so often rejected, look at what can happen if you start without planning, and reveal tricks for convincing skeptics of its benefits after all. We even go one step further and show how - at least for many medium-sized projects - you can have a usable project plan at hand with just one more step.

(Note: The webinar is held in German.)


Control despite self-organisation - Project control between classic and agile methods

The speakers of the webinar - Dr. Ralph Kogelheide and Marcel Valentin - have already experienced in various constellations the typical reservations that project managers encounter in their role as mediators between classic and agile project worlds. In our online session, the two will go into the essential differences in action in more detail and show us which concrete approaches and tools can be used to deal with them as project managers. (Note: The webinar is held in German.)



Between home office and home schooling: Keeping track with agile methods

In this webinar Julia von Bomsdorff will tell us how a SCRUM board, "Daily Stand-Ups", "Sprint Plannings" and "Storypoints" can be playfully integrated into home schooling and how mother and daughter dealt with it. For all those who would like to refresh or expand their knowledge of agile methods, Dr. Sophia Schubert explains the applied elements of agile methodology. (Note: the webinar is held in German.)




Expert tips



Project evaluation with the utility value analysis

Regardless of the type of product or service a company offers, the value creation of a company is based on its service portfolio. In order to successfully adapt this portfolio of products and services to the requirements of the market and align it with the corporate strategy, the company must always choose the right projects, especially regarding the scarce resources available. Find out more about the utility value analysis, a method with which such decisions can be well prepared.


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Our recommendations for an efficient meeting culture

Are you tired of lengthy and inefficient meetings? Then we have a few tips from our project management practice for you!


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