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“CLASSICAL, AGILE or X. Which method leads to project success?“


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“Project management causes changes. Everywhere.“

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"To tackle today what will be crucial for project success tomorrow, you first have to know where action is needed."

Stefan Hennig, House of PM…



As an expert in project management, House of PM has been offering specialized project management services in the form of consulting and qualification…



"Setting new impulses in changing times!" Under this maxim House of PM understands the continuous confrontation with the dynamic changes of the…



When a company changes its structures from a line organization to a project organization, this means a profound organizational and also cultural…



The successful Hamburg-based project management company has put its established quality management system to the test. With this certification House…



It is an issue in many sectors and a real problem, especially in health and MINT professions: the shortage of skilled workers. When technical experts…



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