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With more than 125 years of experience, Waygate Technologies is one of the world's leading providers of industrial inspection solutions in the Baker Hughes group. Its broad product portfolio includes industrial X-rays, computed tomography, remote visual inspection, ultrasonic and eddy current inspection, and serves customers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and energy industries.

Unify product development with hybrid approach

To develop its own product lines, Waygate implements customer-specific programs. The challenge is to design the company's own resource and schedule planning in such a way that the requirements of the customer programs are met and their development statuses are made transparent. The evolved, customer-specific procedure was therefore developed into a uniform standard that takes into account the specific circumstances of product development through the use of a hybrid planning procedure.

„The cultural change in the way the company works has been enormous and has swept through the company like a wave. The clear designation of responsibilities and clarification of roles were essential factors in carrying out projects more calmly. Now it is clear who is in which role, why, and who gets what information and when.“

Eberhard Neuser, Technology Leader Industrial X-Ray Waygate Technologies


Contribution HoPM

A targeted analysis of the existing project management methodology as well as best practices provided suitable measures to increase the transparency and thus the adherence to schedules of programs. The identified measures were documented in a new project management process and their implementation in 2 programs was accompanied in parallel.

Special Challanges:
The new hybrid approach required the combination of the existing classic PM roles with agile roles from the SCRUM approach. Only a clear role definition combined with clearly defined communication structures led to the desired increase in transparency regarding the project status. The simultaneous introduction of SMART Sheet and the combination of agile and classic planning in this tool sustainably supports resource and time planning.

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