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Every second German surfs, phones or streams with Vodafone Germany - for business or pleasure. With its extensive product portfolio in mobile communications, Internet, fixed network and entertainment, Vodafone is one of the leading telecommunications providers in Germany and worldwide.

A smooth migration for the GigaTV platform

With the acquisition of Unity Media in 2019, it was not only a matter of merging two corporate organizations, but also in particular of merging the product portfolio and aligning ongoing projects with different levels of maturity. For the Entertainment segment, this meant in particular merging two TV platforms into a cloud-based GigaTV platform that ensures a consistent TV experience for Vodafone customers across countries.

„With the critical examination of our setup by House of PM, we were able to identify all relevant factors that are critical for the success of such a complex migration on the project management side right at the beginning of our project. Based on the insights we gained, we were able to adjust the structures and processes in a targeted manner so that all parties involved can now work together in the best possible way despite different project management maturity levels.“

Wolfgang Zeller, Head of Video Center of Excellence, Vodafone


Contribution HoPM:

In the course of this complex migration project, the House of PM was commissioned with the continuous monitoring, controlling and improvement of the project landscape. For the identification and evaluation of all success-critical parameters, a "Health Check Report" was implemented, which covers the most diverse areas, such as communication, organization, planning and stakeholder management on the basis of a catalog of measures and at the same time subjects them to risk management.

A special feature of the project is the extensive changes in the project environment: These resulted on the one hand from the company takeover itself, but also from the consideration of possibilities for future product development and network expansion. In addition, all changes had to be made during ongoing operations without affecting existing services and functions.
Last but not least, project management was carried out 100% remotely, taking into account a wide range of cultures in an international context due to the pandemic.


Hauke Thun

Managing Director


Frédéric Woschniak

Project Management


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