Competence in hydraulics

For over 50 years, Viereck & Co. GmbH & Co. KG has stood for competence in hydraulics. For 8 years they have also been successfully involved in control technology and industrial electronics and are active as a supplier for well-known customers from a wide range of industries with individual system solutions.

Practical project management specially tailored to the company

The day-to-day work of the company is characterized by very specific work processes. Therefore, it was important to the management to establish a project management process that is very practice-oriented and specially tailored to the company's way of working, and which is oriented as closely as possible to the common standards.

With the start of the next project "ICHTHYS", which is very decisive for the company's success, a suitable opportunity arose for the company to optimize its project management. The new project management system to be established should provide more planning security and be adaptable to other projects in the company.

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The trial day finally convinced me."

(Ralf Schilling, Managing Director Viereck)


Contribution HoPM

Through the very practical approach of creating a guideline for the project management procedure from the exemplary planning of a current project carried out together with the project staff, the customer can make the best possible use of project management consulting for himself. He achieves that the project is planned according to professional standards and thus becomes more controllable.

The expertise brought in by the PM Transformance project management consultants guarantees that the new project management approach is based on international standards and is thus also suitable for cooperation with international customers and partners.

The close involvement of project staff in the planning process ensures that the process steps and tools used for planning are aligned with the company's way of working and that staff are already very familiar with the new system through direct testing of the methodology. For easy re-application of the uniform project management procedure developed in the pilot project, the project management manual provides a clear overview of the individual process steps and forms for successful project management as a guide.


Julia von Bomsdorff



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