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Automation for mechanical engineering

Over 70 years of company history, more than 3,700 employees in 60 countries: Lenze has developed from its beginnings as a pure trading company into a leading global automation company for mechanical engineering.

Venturing into a new approach to project management

By assuming responsibility for fully ensuring a replacement equipment production, Lenze entered new territory. The approach, which had previously been strongly oriented towards Lean/Six Sigma, was methodically supplemented and pragmatically integrated into existing processes by the project managers from the House of PM. Thus, despite limited resources, the project was completed on time and a delivery stop was prevented.

“Lenze broke new ground with this project. Not only in terms of the project content, but also in terms of the customized project management approach. Change at all levels. In addition to the content issues of this novel project, the greatest challenge was to appropriately dose, establish, and anchor the change in the organization's work methods, structures, and processes. (S. Resch, Project Manager)”

S. Resch, Projektmanager


Contribution HoPM:

The takeover of the project by the service organization at a very early stage, presented one of the special challenges of the project. Since there were ambiguities in the formulation of objectives at the beginning, these were first worked out. Through a systematic clarification of the task, it was possible to define the goals precisely and overcome the skepticism about template-based working methods.

Another challenge was meeting the fixed end date without fixed resource commitments. Since important resources were still tied up in other projects, solutions had to be found. The services offered by the House of PM were project design and interim project management.

A decisive difference in the project work could be made through a workshop-based approach, in which the use of templates was dispensed with. The use of timeboxing and the Stacey matrix for environment analysis finally brought the project to success.


Stefan Resch

Project Management


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