Hamburg Energie

Staying on course for the energy turnaround

In 2009, the Hamburg Senate founded HAMBURG ENERGIE. Since then, Hamburg has once again had its own municipal utility with a mandate to supply its customers exclusively with nuclear- and coal-free electricity. Hamburg Energie is the largest producer of solar and wind energy in Hamburg and supplies over 150,000 customers.

Preparing decisive steps for Hamburg's heat transition

The energy supplier is driving forward the energy turnaround with various projects. Characteristic of projects in the energy sector are their long lead times, which are caused by complex issues in the context of conceptual design and feasibility studies. With professional project management, HAMBURG ENERGIE ensures that projects are coordinated centrally and that project information is available transparently to all participants and stakeholders.

A particular challenge in the project was to ensure a maximum moderate price increase for the end consumers. In particular, security of supply had to be taken into account and additional CO2 savings had to be achieved. Another focus was on acceptance by the authorities and by citizens.

„Based on the solid planning and reliable execution provided by the House of PM, we were able to successfully complete the feasibility study for one of our major projects - despite a high workload for the project team due to day-to-day business and other projects. Thanks to the well-structured, overarching communication with all sub-projects, even outside our company, I was continuously informed about the project status and was always able to keep an eye on the overall construct.“

Thomas-Tim Sävecke - Head of Produktion at HAMBURG ENERGIE


Contribution HoPM:

The services of House of PM were interim project management and included project definition, planning, control and completion of the project. A project office was set up and subsequently put into operation. The PM methodology and facilitation developed for Hamburg Energie made the difference to the successful completion of the project.


Dr. Sophia Schubert

Project Management


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