Association of German Foundations

Bringing about social change

The Association of German Foundations was founded in 1948 and is an association representing the interests of foundations in Germany with its headquarters in Berlin. It represents its members vis-à-vis the public, politics and administration and has around 4,500 members.

Many foundations - one network

In order to maintain an overview of the large number of parallel work steps and processes while setting up a nationwide network and to promote the exchange of knowledge within the team, the project team decides to introduce the Kanban methodology. With the new way of working, they find it easier to put more focus on the tasks that are currently most important and to maintain continuous transparency about progress with respect to their goals. .

The project goal was to create a methodical basis for structuring the work flow so that greater transparency is achieved, especially regarding the status of tasks. A particular challenge was to simplify the onboarding process for new team members. A solution had to be found for the frequent switching from one task to another.

„You can acquire methodological knowledge yourself via technical literature. But the special added value of the workshop for me was in the individual elaboration of the methodology for the needs situation of my team.“

Sabine Süß - Head of Coordination Office of the Foundations and Education Network at the Association of German Foundations.


Contribution HoPM

With the help of a workshop, the Kanban methodology was taught and adapted in the company. The simulation of the Kanban core practices made the crucial difference. With the help of the Kanban Goals Board and the Kanban Tasks Board the project was successfully brought to its goal.


Hauke Thun

Managing Director


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