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Interim Project Management

Project Management Experts on Demand

Tackling a task even if it gets difficult

You need active and committed support in managing your projects? You lack project management professionals with experience in a specific area? Companies planning a larger project and lacking in resources of their own can rely on the interim project managers provided by House of PM.

Our approach

Our project management experts may be hired on an interim basis at any given project stage - from smoothly setting up your project all the way through till the end. In this case, our project managers are put in charge of partial assignments within that company or the management of the entire project is handed over to them.

Apart from their own experiences, the project management experts use the Best Practices of House of PM to push the completion of the project actively.

Your Benefits

Experienced and accountable project management professionals with a broad methodological expertise – on demand.

To cover peak workloads or temporary staff shortages you can easily book the required project management resources ad hoc for an interim basis. And even better: our knowledge remains with you.

And what’s up with your project?

Request for proposal

Please direct your inquiries on a specific project scenario to 
P +49 40-380 8819 10