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Symbiotic PM - project management consulting

Hybrid Projectmanagement

Hybrid Project Management / Symbiotic PM©


Are you challenged to develop a product without a mature specification of functions and features? Are you looking for more flexible leadership practices to manage and control your projects? Do you want to apply agile project management in a traditional minded company?

Our approach

Symbiotic PM© integrates traditional operational and organizational structures with agile project management roles, implements agile project management methods in (sub-)projects and establishes complimentary interfaces and reporting lines. We support you to lay the foundations for a successful application of Symbiotic PM© in your projects and to embed the new methods in your daily routines:

  • Introduction of the new leadership practices, agile values & principles to the management and respective departments
  • Definition and implementation of the new agile roles and responsibilities
  • Definition and implementation of complimentary communications interfaces and reporting lines Definition and implementation of an integrated escalation procedure
  • Specification of appropriate measures to communicate project progress to the stakeholders Adaption of the given QA procedure to an iterative development process
  • Selection of suitable IT tools to assist the Symbiotic PM process

Your benefits

With dedicated communication processes Symbiotic PM increases transparency and mutual trust in your project – inside and outside the agile teams. Prioritization and change of objectives can be aligned with market demands and user requirements in sync with the iterative development cycles. So in comparison to a traditional development a faster time-to-market can be achieved.

Do you want to go agile?

Request for proposal

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