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PM Supervision

Obtaining better project results with PM Supervision


From a professional perspective a project manager is often left alone facing new challenging project tasks. Though every day he works closely with his project team, the project sponsors and stakeholders, with regard to project management quality he has to fight for himself. Through regular dialogue with the project manager our PM supervisors ensure a sustainable methodological development and optimization of quality in the project. In individual coaching sessions we assist you, your employees or project teams to solve project concerns and improve project management capabilities.

Our approach

Our PM supervisor accompanies the project manager during a specific project and assists with advice with regard to project management quality. Above all, the dialogue and the learning process are paramount.

Continuously the sparring partner and the project manager discuss actual projects concerns. Using attentive active listening, coaching tools and where applicable a review of project status reports and stakeholder feedback the PM supervisor helps in developing options for action. Based on his comprehensive project management experience he provides assistance to achieve the project objectives and recommends appropriate measures to increase and assure project quality.


Your benefit

Your project managers' professional and personal competences are strengthened in a real project scenario. With the external view of the PM supervisor he is able to create new suggestions to solve his actual project concerns. Through an implementation of quality improvement measures in step with actual practice efficiency and effectivity of your project work is increased.

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