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PM Process Improvement

Excellence for your Project Management


Project success depends on a variety of factors. Clearly defined processes to lead, support and execute the project define the level of maturity. For this reason we evaluate the maturity of your project management according to international standards and advise you in optimizing the project management methodology and systems. Using accepted standards and best practices we advise you in adjusting the structural and procedural organization. This is the starting point to increase the quality of all ongoing projects significantly and to ensure the sustainability of implemented solutions.

Our Approach

In a first step our project managemet experts analyze the existing structural, process and outcome quality of your projects. Based on the results they recommend measures to increase the maturity and define the best way to implement the necessary structures, processes and templates. Herein, our PM experts use proven project management tools according to international standards (e.g. IPMA, PMI®, PRINCE2™, CMMI®). They actively support you in implementing the new project management infrastructure and bring it into practice.

If you start from the very beginning our experts not only show you what project management system is suitable for you, but also provide you with solid concepts and processes and help you to implement them.

Our set of concepts, structures and processes comprises:

  • An individual project management plan
  • Tools and templates for demand-oriented project planning, project monitoring and project controling
  • Comprehensive project management manual
  • Detailed application procedure for new projects
  • Risk Management
  • Project marketing
  • Personnel development programme
  • Technical infrastructe
  • Concepts for training and education

Your benefit

By implemeting a professional and state-of-the-art project management system you can achieve a significant increase in project management quality of your ongoing projects as well as an improvement of your process and product quality.

We are also happy to prepare you for a certification according to International standards.



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