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PM Analysis - project management consulting

PM Analysis

Project Management Analysis


Is your project or program characterized by a high complexity, a high strategical impact and depending on a large number of international stakeholders? Do you want to know if the set-up of your project or programs is strong enough to meet these challenges?

To increase management’s ability to react to unforeseen developments, changing conditions or even crisis situations with PM Analysis we provide an effective instrument for the structured analysis of project quality and project management it-self. Based on the results our project management experts come up with recommendations for the optimization of processes and structures. This enables your management to better prioritize the necessary corrective measures and to protect the value created by a project.

Our Approach

In a first step we have a workshop with you to define the scope of the anaylsis. After a review of the existing PM documentation our project management professionals adapt the analysis questionnaire to the agreed scope and specific project scenario. Doing so they take into account both process and competency models as well as management objectives.

Based on the results of the following survey our project Management professionals create a graphical and statistical report. Evaluating the results they also consider how the interviewed persons rate the project with regard to the core success factors. How well is the project positioned with respect to its upcoming challenges? What and where are the strengths and weaknesses? Where should the company intervene?

Finally our project Management professionals present the analysis findings and discuss possible optimizations with you and your management team.


Your benefit

A PM Analysis not only identifies the critical success factors and the optimation potential of a project or programm, but also enables you to take fact-based decisions about the scope, budget, timing and direction of optimizations. It increases your ability to react to unforeseen developments, changing conditions or even crisis situations and assure the success of complex projects in best time.

Repeated on a regular basis a PM Analysis helps to establish corporation-wide benchmarks, which in turn allow the top management to get quick, early evidences of underperformance (or overperformance) to take action on within any particular area.


Request for proposal

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