“We inspire people. With project management.“


Our belief: project management works.

We are convinced that project management is an added value for every company.

We think entrepreneurially and actively drive issues forward. We watch your experts' backs, so that they can fully focus on the technical aspects of the project. To this end, we dose the appropriate level of project management to suit the respective project situation – be it classical, agile or a mix of methods.


Consistent quality standards despite great diversity

We rely on a wide variety of professional experience in diverse industries, work contexts and projects. Everyone in our team has teir own history, special skills and is certified according to international standards (e.g. IPMA, PMI®, PRINCE2™, SCRUM, Kanban).

It is important to us that everyone pulls together. To ensure that we always succeed, our common values and our code of conduct provide us with valuable orientation for our daily work. With our actively lived quality sparring process, we ensure that our methodical approach is always adhered to for consistently high quality, trustworthiness and reliability.

Our jointly defined values determine our corporate culture and provide us with an orientation in personal and professional conduct:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Sustainable impact
  • Striving for project management excellence



Our team


Hauke Thun

Managing Director

"He who goes on a journey should know his destination!"

To be able to lead a project to success, it is important to know where the journey is to go. Only then it is possible to recognize when one strays from the path. This also includes open communication, commitment, straightforwardness and transparency - that is my maxim.

E-Mail: h.thun[at]hopm.eu

Sibylle Schmidtke


“My view sees numerous possibilities instead of complexity.“

What I particularly appreciate about my work as a project manager is that it demands my analytical skills and judgement as well as my creativity and flexibility. Here I can combine strategic and conceptual thinking with practical operational solutions.

E-Mail: s.schmidtke[at]hopm.eu

Frédéric Woschniak

Project Management

"A project is like a competition, in the end it's success that counts"

For me, the appeal of a project lies in the challenge of creating an agile, long-term and sustainable environment in the shortest possible time. To form and promote a team, taking into account and integrating the abilities of each individual.

E-Mail: f.woschniak[at]hopm.eu

Dr. Sophia Schubert

Project Management

"A balancing act of methodology and empathy"

For me, a certain amount of pragmatism and common sense is as much a part of good project management as the application of appropriate methods. It is also important to me to find a balance between team agreements and empathy for the concerns of the individual, thus creating a balance between give and take.

E-Mail: s.schubert[at]hopm.eu

Stefan Resch

Project Management

"There is no general solution."

In the vernacular it is said that "the way is the goal", but in project management the goal determines the way - and this differs significantly from project to project. There is no general solution and no "We've always done it this way", but a tailor-made solution for a very specific project in a very specific situation. After all, you wouldn't try to visit all the major cities in Europe with a single city map.

E-Mail: s.resch[at]hopm.eu

Stefan Hennig

Project Management

"Project managers are magicians"

They always keep the magical project triangle in balance despite the most diverse dynamic influences and changes caused by factual and social factors. The necessary work with people, the variety of tasks and influencing factors ensure that it never gets boring. Again and again it is necessary to break up the complexity and to find the most efficient way to reach the goal in a team.

E-Mail: s.hennig[at]hopm.eu

Anke Rieck

Office Management

"We need this place running so the team can do their best."

At the end of the day the books must be right. If deadlines are met and the deliveries are right, business is good. In cooperation with our project managers this works smoothly. That's why I like to make sure that our colleagues can always head for a home port where they can exchange ideas and feel comfortable.

E-Mail: a.rieck[at]hopm.eu

Julia von Bomsdorff


"I'll watch the back of the experts from the departments."

As a project manager, I see myself primarily as a facilitator of an interdisciplinary team facing complex tasks. My task then is to support the team professionally with agile and classical methods on the way to mutual success and to enable each individual to use his or her expertise in a targeted and effective way.

E-Mail: j.v.bomsdorff[at]hopm.eu

Stefanie Seuber

Project Management

"Strategic, goal-focused, customer-oriented."

For me, project management means optimally perceiving the customer's needs and leading the project to its goal in accordance with an individualised strategy of efficient PM methodology as well as successful teamwork.

E-Mail: s.seuber[at]hopm.eu

Marcel Valentin

Project Management

"Every project is different."

There is no such thing as the classic office routine in a project. As a project manager, my methodological toolbox allows me to get into new, complex situations with diverse clients and different teams again and again. Here it is up to me to find the best approach for the respective project situation in coordination with the customer and to inspire the teams.

E-Mail: m.valentin[at]hopm.eu

Paul Tilmes

Project Management

"Today's project management determines tomorrow's success"

For me, a project is the implementation of an innovative idea that generates added value. For this to succeed, even in complex projects, goal-oriented project management is essential. The given resources form the framework, the team provides the necessary fun and what counts in the end is: the joint success.

E-Mail: p.tilmes[at]hopm.eu


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How it all started

House of PM was founded in 2003 as PM Firefighters. In 2011 a separate consulting branch named PM Transformance was established. The renaming into House of PM took place in 2014 in the context of creating synergies between the company divisions PM Firefighters and PM Transformance. Since 2019 House of PM is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.



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